Check-out terminals, in holiday homes, hotels, and hospitals



Most shops, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels, and holiday homes are equipped with computerized reception desks, check-in and check-out points. Why should you use several computers, when you can easily do with just one to provide all workstations?

ASTER is an inexpensive, affordable , and convenient solution for providing those outlets

Check-in and check-out terminals

computer for hospitals, hotels

Figure 1. Example of ASTER 3 in 1 application for check-in and check-out outlets computerization.

Advantages of ASTER application for computerization

  • You can reduce costs of equipping workstations for employees dealing with clients. One system unit can provide up to six clerks with independent computer stations.
  • You do not need to fit the local network. All common resources and devices are automatically accessible from each station.
  • Electric power is saved thanks to the reduction of the functioning equipment quantity.
  • A faster and less costly modernization. In fact, you will only need to upgrade one computer.
  • Less space is needed for the stations. This is a plus for premises with a small area


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