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Computer for Two Users


Computers are something we can't live without nowadays. It is no wonder that having a second computer at home is a dream for virtually any home user sharing one PC with other members of a family. Do you think it's impossible to use one computer for two users simultaneously? IBIK company is here to offer you ASTER shared computer access software allowing you to obtain another workplace on the basis of your home PC system by running one computer with two monitors.

ASTER is a program, which allows you to use untapped power of your existing PC in a more constructive way. Actually, ASTER double-terminal system is capable to split your home PC into two enabling you to use two monitors with a single computer box and support several users at the same time. Be assured, by sharing one computer for two users, you save money on purchasing of additional computer hardware as well as your apartments space.

All you need to start using one computer for two users is to connect an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse to your current computer box and run ASTER. Be assured, our powerful software makes it possible for several users to work on one computer with two monitors as if each of them had their own PC. While using two monitors with one computer system unit, both users can operate in their own accounts creating and editing documents, surfing the Internet, playing games, etc.

If you have only one computer and need to share it with somebody else, running one computer with two monitors is the perfect choice. Take advantage of ASTER 2 computers in 1 software or download a free trial version of our program and start using two monitors with a single computer system equipping an additional computer workplace with minimum investments.

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