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IBIK Company Profile

Software dealers and representatives are very welcome to cooperate with us. You can contact us by the following phones or at our e-mail address:

Head office of the company

Moscow, Russia
Vadim Andreev

Main business areas

IBIK is an innovative enterprise, which was set up in 1992 and has been involved in computer technologies research, hardware development and manufacture.

Diplomas and certificates

Cвидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ;

Certificate of state registration of computer program

1C-compatible certificate
1C-compatible certificate
Certificate of software
Certificate of software registration
VDNKh Diploma (2005)
VDNKh Diploma (2005)
VDNKh Diploma
VDNH Diploma Exhibition "Educational Environment - 2006" (2006)
Certificate of the
Partnership certificate of online store

Our partners and customers

Our partners and customers include:

  • Garant, the town of Blagoveshchensk
  • Volgogradsky Business Institute, the city of Volgograd
  • Urals-Soft Media, the city of Ekaterinburg
  • New System-Profile, the city of Kaliningrad
  • Earth-Service firm, the town of Kaluga
  • Master-Soft, the town of Kirov
  • Alpha Solutions, the city of St. Petersburg
  • Inel Data, the city of Moscow
  • Pragma Offica Machinery, the city of Samara
  • Soft Intel, the city of Ufa
  • NOU MUBINT, the town of Yaroslavl
  • Internet shops: Softkey, Soft Line Trade

And many others

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