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What Is The Purpose Of Anydesk

AnyDesk is a remote desktop software that allows us to connect to a computer remotely. It is a cross-platform software that provides platform independent remote access to different devices such as PC and other host devices. It provides remote access, file transfer, VPN features. It provides secure and reliable access to IT professionals.

It allows the user to remotely access the desktop along with its files or documents from anywhere in the world. AnyDesk has a built-in address book function, which tracks connections or contacts and allows the user to see those connection's online status. AnyDesk is also accessible in areas where there are low bandwidth and poor Internet connectivity.

This Software is designed for small and medium-sized firms. AnyDesk is accessible on almost all Operating Systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS.

In this section, we will see how to install and use the AnyDesk software on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, MacOS.

Features of AnyDesk

AnyDesk is all in one remote desktop software that comes with multiple functionalities, which are given below:

Remote Access - AnyDesk has an admin tool that allows the user to perform various tasks such as remote reboot, session reporting, report analysis, etc. Admin tools also enable the user to fix and troubleshoot any problem on the remote desktop.

Communication with Contacts - AnyDesk has an address book function that saves contact details and allows the user to monitor their online status.

Easy File transfer - AnyDesk comes with the drag-and-drop function that enables the user to drag and drop the files and documents from the host system to the client system and vice-versa.

Remote Hardware Access - Users can also easily access the hardware components of the remote systems such as cursor, CD/ DVD reader or power button.

Online Collaboration: It provides collaboration and communication with ease. It is useful for online meetings, presentations, or working on the same project from the other location.

Built-in File Transfer: It allows transferring files from one PC to another PC. We can copy and paste the files to different Pcs.

Lightweight: It is a lightweight tool. No administrative access or installation is required to use it. We can simply download the executable file (3 Mb) and run it.

Customization: AnyDesk is highly customizable. We can customize the user interface to provide an intuitive remote desktop experience.


Recording: It allows the recording of the screen. Both the client and service provider can record the session; It provides next-level security. It is a useful feature for training purposes.

Own Network: It does not have cloud storage. But, we can create our enterprise network for full control of our data.


High Performance: It provides high performance, low latency, fast data transmission. The performance has always been an issue for remote connections. It provides the DeskRT codec to ensure the low lag on the high screen resolution devices.

Secure & Trustworthy: AnyDesk is used by millions of users worldwide. It provides a secure connection from the first use. It uses banking standard TLS 1.2 technology to ensure its security and keep protected from unauthorized access. The servers of AnyDesk uses Erlang telecommunication technology to maximize reliability.

Apart from the above features, it also provides the following features:

  • Remote access for multiple platforms
  • File transfer and manager
  • Remote Print
  • VPN
  • Unattended access
  • Whiteboard
  • Auto-Discovery
  • Chat-Function
  • Custom-Clients
  • Session protocol
  • Two-Factor-Authentication
  • Individual host-server

Advantages of AnyDesk

The advantages of AnyDesk are given below:

Good performance in low internet bandwidth - Any desk comes with the codec that compresses and transfers files between two machines. AnyDesk is also accessible in areas with low connectivity without any trouble.

Ensures Bank-standards security - AnyDesk uses robust TLS technology, which is used to protect data and unauthorized access. Also, AnyDesk consists of RSA 2048 key encryption that enables the user to make all the sessions verified and encrypted.

AnyDesk Android ensures portability - In addition to AnyDesk for PC, the Software is also accessible on smartphones. The user can use it anywhere and at any time on android phones. Its portability allows the user to keep connected to the remote system and access important data whenever necessary.

Multi-Users on a single License - AnyDesk comes up with a lifetime free license for all of its versions. Also, AnyDesk allows multiple users to access it in a single license.

How to install AnyDesk

AnyDesk is available free for personal use. For the business purpose, we may require to purchase it.

Its free version has enough features for use. But its premium version contains more extensive features such as multiple devices connect, concurrent sessions, etc.

To install the AnyDesk, we have to download the installer file, after downloading the file, It can be installed with a single click. To install it, run the executable file and follow the prompt. This process will go the same for all the operating systems such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc.

How To Use Anydesk App

To install the AnyDesk on Windows Operating System, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open a browser and search for the; it will take you to the official website of the AnyDesk.


Click on the given link:

The following screen will be displayed:

Step 2: Click on the Free Download button if you want the free version or click on the Buy Now if you want the paid version. After clicking on the download button, the downloading starts automatically.

Step 3: When downloading is complete, then a popup box will appear with two buttons Run and cancel, then click on the Run button.

Step 4: When you click on the Run button, another dialog box will appear. Click on the Accept & Install button.

Step 5: Now, the AnyDesk remote access tool is installed successfully on our machine. To use it, click on the AnyDesk icon and open it. The user interface of AnyDesk will be displayed as follows:

How to Use AnyDesk

A remote access tool is very helpful in a professional environment. It allows us to roll out all the programs to all devices in our organization. It has a straight forward interface. Let's understand how to use it.

AnyDesk is a free tool. So if anyone wants help can download it from the web. The only thing required is whoever wants to connect with your system needs to download AnyDesk as well. After the successful configurations in both the machines, we can start our first session.

To start a session in AnyDesk, Open it. Every system has a unique Personal ID. It will look as follows:

It will be a 9 digit number. To connect a system, we have to enter the user's ID in the Remote Desk option in the AnyDesk. It looks as follows:

We can also set an alias for a particular device to connect. Now, we can request a connection to another system. Let's understand with the below steps:

Step 1: Open AnyDesk

To connect two devices remotely, open AnyDesk on both devices.

Step 2: Enter the ID & Request Connection

Enter the system's ID connected to other systems in the Remote Desk field and click on the Connect button. It will request the connection to the other side system:

Step 3: Accept Connection Request

To allow other users to access your system, click on the Accept option. It will allow other users to access your system. We can decline this request by clicking on the Dismiss option.

After accepting the connection request, the other system will start connecting with your PC.

It will take a while and connect the other user to your PC.

The AnyDesk contains several other features such as permissions, chat, whiteboard, etc. Let's understand them:


We may take full control of the remote device. But, the remote side can decide the access level of the host side by specifying the permissions.

Chat: The chatbox allows us to chat with the remote side. However, we can also share audio between host and remote.

Whiteboard: The whiteboard allows us to draw sketches or arrows to provide instruction to the remote side.

Switch sides: In a few cases, the remote side may want to access the host side during the session. We don't need to stop the session; we can switch sides instead. It is much faster than reconnect.

What Is The Use Of Anydesk In Laptop

Block User Input: We can block a user from controlling our device.

Hence, we can easily connect, access and specify the permissions using AnyDesk.


To end the session, select the Disconnect option from the remote side or close the AnyDesk window.

We can also install the full version of AnyDesk on both the remote and host device. The full version is suggested for the paid version users. It will provide all the features & tools. To install the full version of AnyDesk, select Install AnyDesk on this PC option and follow some basic installation steps. It will install the full version of AnyDesk.

AnyDesk remote desktop is an intuitive and light remote access solution that stands for simplicity and performance. If you’re unsure if TeamViewer is still the right fit for you or your company, consider trying AnyDesk as an alternative.

AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer

What makes AnyDesk stand out compared to TeamViewer? A quick summary:

Does Amazon Use Anydesk

  • AnyDesk offers lower latency than TeamViewer
  • AnyDesk connects faster, is more stable and has an overall better performance than TeamViewer, even at low bandwidths
  • AnyDesk offers a self-hosted, on-premises solution that keeps all data within your organization
  • AnyDesk’s free web client provides all users with remote device access directly from the browser
  • AnyDesk offers free mobile usage with no added fees
  • AnyDesk is more intuitive and easier to use

Proven Superior Performance

  • AnyDesk was rated highest in two independent benchmark tests.
  • 16 ms
  • Passmark-Ranking1
  • 2. Windows Remote
  • 35 Pts
  • ScienceSoft-Ranking1
  • 2. TeamViewer
  • 44 Pts

1 Based on Frame Rate, Latency, Bandwidth, Frame Size

AnyDesk On-Premises

For the ultimate security ensuring data never leaves your organization at any point.

Build your own in-house network and eliminate any communication with our servers.

Install our network-appliance on your own server so your network stays private.

Remain independent from our servers and network by keeping your data in-house.

“Great speed and quality service from all the employees I've been in contact with. I would expect this product to become the #1 'go to' solution for both existing customers of competing products and new prospects looking for a solution such as this!” —Patrick M. on G2

DeskRT – The Essence of AnyDesk

What makes AnyDesk so special? Our proprietary DeskRT codec is what makes AnyDesk such a great alternative to TeamViewer. It’s a video codec that allows for stable and almost latency-free data transfer, even in areas with low bandwidths. No other solution can offer this level of reliability. It allows our remote desktop tool to work smoothly and without lag, making it seem as if you’re sitting right in front of your remote device.

All the Features You Need – No More, No Less

Remote desktop software can get confusing and cumbersome quickly. We want to make sure you get a lean solution, so that all the features you need are quickly at hand. AnyDesk is simple to download and install and very intuitive to use. Even less tech-savvy users will be able to make the most of it. No more complicated installation processes or confusing features that bog down the experience. Only speed and straightforward tools.

AnyDesk offers high performance at an incredibly low latency thanks to our innovative DeskRT video codec. This ensures a stable connection and smooth working, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

No matter where you are, no matter what device you use, AnyDesk is here for you and your remote desktop needs — across all platforms. Thanks to mobile plugins, even smartphones can be accessed from afar. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect license for your needs.

You stay in control. Banking-standard security and added encryption of our software is just the beginning. In-app, AnyDesk offers many security settings, barring anyone you don’t know from contacting you and limiting their access permissions.

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