share your PC
for a multiple workplaces
multiseat monitors

A program for splitting computer into 2 workplaces

Do you only have one computer at home? But sharing a computer with all the family members can cause certain problem. When your keed needs the computer for their study and your wife needs it to chat with her friends on the internet, it may seem like you never have enough time to organize your own work.

IBIK LLC knows how to share one computer among seleral users and expand it capabilities. We offer you ASTER software for sharing access to your desktop or laptop with your family members.

her you need a computer for work or playing games, sharing a computer at home with ASTER eliminates conflict related to the use of your home computer. Our computer sharing software allows you to create up to 2 computer workplaces based on only one computer without need for additional hardware. When you use ASTER to create workplaces, you save money, reduce power consumption and save space in your home all the work is done from single computer and additional monitors and peripehral devices.

The ASTER program does not use thin clients and terminal stations for creating workplaces from a computer instead uses 2 monitors independently and simultaneously. Additionally, ASTER is easy to use and fairly affordable solution to acquire another workplace at home. So, if you have an additiona monitor, keyboard, mouse and a video card,you can use one computer for several user and create second or even third workplace with minimal cost.

Undoubtedly, you will apprecriate our full featured PC sharing software for tow or more users at home. However, if you want to use ASTER for commecial use then the model of sharing on comuter to two or more users can also be successfully applied to your office's computers as well. Either way, knowing how to share a single computer among multiple users can help you reduce power consumption as well as hardware cost while still benefiting from its high performance.

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